A Chaos in the Heavens

The Spire of the Dragon

What I must tell next lies heavily upon my heart, for it is both a thing of great joy and great sorrow. Nevertheless, it must be told, or else little that comes after will make any sense.

Our heroes traveled to Spire of the Dragon under an ill-omened sky, dark with the workings of Kalarel’s foul magic. They found the courtyard surrounding the Spire full of the bodies of undead, numbering in the hundreds, surrounding a few pitiful remains of spirits and archons of Bahamut. These had been the Spire’s bound protectors, and though they had been mighty in life, they could not, in the end, resist the endless sea of undead that beat upon them.

Upon entering the Spire, they encountered a young silver dragon, who told them that they had begun the Trials of the Spire. The key to passing each trial, they were informed, was heeding the teachings of Bahamut. The dragon questioned them, presenting difficult problems for them. When he asked Kos whether he would torture or merely question a prisoner, Kos informed him that he would show mercy, and the dragon attacked, shedding its illusion and revealing his true form: a young blue dragon. After it was slain, the spirit of the Trial’s true judge appeared and told the party that Kalarel had corrupted the trials ahead, leaving his lieutenants in place of judges and changing the criteria of victory so that in order to pass the trials, the party had to either fight the Judge and win, or give only answers that were anathema to Bahamut’s teachings.

One way and another, they passed the trials, ascending slowly until they faced Kalarel himself, surrounded by his remaining undead, and trying to complete the ritual he had tried in the Temple of Bahamut in Orrodi. After a long, grueling, bloody fight, our heroes prevailed. Kalarel himself was slain by an exhalation of sorcerous poison from Feora, and the ritual was stopped. Kos retrieved the Sword of the Morning, his long-sought goal, and was granted leave by Bahamut to use a less powerful version of the sword in his quest to stop Nehoman.

When they exited the tower, though, the companions were confronted with a dismaying sight. A vanguard of minotaurs stood outside the tower, backed by orcs and drow archers. The minotaurs were of Kos’s old clan, the Ebonhoof Raiders, and they demanded the surrender of Kos, or “the Oathbreaker”, as they called him. In return, the Ebonhoofs promised that Kos’s companions would be free to go, and would be given three days’ grace before any enemy moved against them. With a heavy heart, Kos entrusted the Sword of the Morning to his friends and surrendered himself to the Ebonhoofs. His friends left, sorrowing, as the minotaurs closed ranks around Kos.



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