Sword of the Morning

A Blade of Bahamut

weapon (melee)

After defeating Kalarel, Kos was entrusted this mighty artifact by Bahamut at the behest of Kord. But the mighty dragon god bequeathed only a part of the sword’s power unto Kos, so while it appears as a Sunblade broadsword +2 to our adventurer’s eyes, who can say what powers this divine blade may hold?


Our adventurers first encountered the Sword of the Morning when Kalarel attempted to use it, they assumed, to open a portal straight into the heart of Orrodi. When Kalarel escaped, he managed to take the sword with him, much to the anger of Kos.

When finally they recovered the blade from Kalarel, upon touching it Kos had a vision of Bahamut and Kord, where he was given only part of the sword’s power to wield, as a tool in the struggle against Nehoman.

Sword of the Morning

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