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A new God, unlike any of the others,

shall fill the hearts of men.
His servants grow proud, their faith like a wall.
A wall that covers all its shadows like a sea.

For behold, every land shall be laid waste.

The honored dead shall forsake their homes
And dread armies shall stalk over the world

The Dread Prince shall make his home
In the highest peaks, and in every heart.
His name will be both fear and joy.

This is the time of the Last Great Strife.

Gods and their foes shall fall alike
And life shall flee before them.

Then, will all be desolate.
Then, will all be silent.
Then, shall the world end.

…For behold!

As the world dies in fire
So shall it be born again in fire,
Born from the fires of Dragonkind.

Arkhosia’s majesty shall soar once more,
incarnate in her children,
and she will shape the world once more.

Home Page

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